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Select the device you play Fortnite on.

How do I use this?

1. Enter your username.

2. Select which platform you play Fortnite on.

3. Choose the amount of V-Bucks you would like to add.

4. Tap or Click the "Add V-Bucks" button.

Important: If you're greeted with a security prompt, simply follow the instructions and your V-Bucks will be added immediatly after completing the short verification.
This was added to prevent people from abusing our servers.
Cameron Adeboye
Thanks! Finally got my V-Bucks!
Like · Reply · · 3 months ago
Johnny Pena
My kid used this and loves it. Saved me a lot!
Like · Reply · · 3 days ago
Bart Ommen
So glad exists. Some people like myself just don't want to buy vbucks
Like · Reply · · a week ago
Adam Lui
Me and all of my friends already used this today but we're coming back tomorrow to do it again and get more skins.
Like · Reply · · 2 weeks ago
Mark Cabuhat
Can someone help me?
Like · Reply · · 2 weeks ago
Thomas Guski
Does it work?
Like · Reply · · 3 weeks ago
Abby Robinson
Me and my boyfriend are totally freaking out right now we just got all these cool skins with our v-bucks! All you have to do is follow the instructions
Like · Reply · · a month ago
Ümit Dayan
This saved my life
Like · Reply · · a month ago
Pepper Chilli
Just put in valid info for survey it will activate after a few minutes
Like · Reply · · a month ago
Suman Saha
Worked perfectly and no ban!!!
Like · Reply · · 2 months ago
Monica Mbantul
wow thank you bookmarking this site
Like · Reply · · 2 months ago